About Us

Since its founding in 1996 the Mach II Maintenance Corp has been focus on the leading aircraft line maintenance provider in the Northeast area. Over the years, the organization has expanded its services, to Deicing, Anti-icing and Sheet Metal Composite repairs, always with the aim of providing quality maintenance and reliable services.

Today, Mach II Maintenance represents handles and signs the airworthiness release of more than 800 flights per month. International and Domestic airliners trust our highly qualified and well trained engineers, to assure its safety and on time departure.

Our History

Our history started on the wings of the Concorde.

Today we look back and remind ourselves of the hard work during those early days. And we realize that after 20 years our history is just beginning. Read More


JFK Airport - New York

  • FAA    Repair Station Number  X2XR257Y
  • EASA  Repair Station Number  145.5688

Newark Airport - New Jersey

  • FAA   Repair Station Number  X2XD257Y
  • EASA Repair Station Number  145.6014

Meet Our Corporate Officers

Robert Fisher

Patrick Le Gall